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Crisis Case Handling

Review the following scenarios and then address each of them:

Case 1

You have been called out to a scene in which a 35-year-old woman is experiencing a crisis. Her husband just committed suicide and she is distraught about her circumstances. What information would you want to know before intervening? After finding out the necessary information, how would you handle this case?

Case 2

You have been called to a scene where a person is running around in the street without any clothes on, looking unkempt, and ranting about how the UFOs are coming down to get him. How would you assess the mental state of this individual? How would you begin to interact with him? How would you secure his safety?

Your paper should be 5 to 6 pages in length, and address each of the questions asked. For each scenario, you should also state how you would apply and address each step of the Six-Step Model of Crisis Intervention and provide examples.

Submitting Your Assignment

Compose your 5- to 6-page paper in Microsoft Word and save your document in the following format. Include any references.

The grading rubric is attached for your convenience.

Thanks in advance.

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