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High Quality Child Care Needed

More infants and toddlers than ever are spending some portion of their day with adults other than their parents — either a relative, neighbor, babysitter or child care professional.

In this critical thinking assignment you will be putting yourself into the shoes of a parent. You can choose an age from 1, 2 or 3 years old for your child.

As parents welcome their baby home and plan to return to work, or prepare to return to work when their child is a little older, what are the qualities they should be looking for in a child care setting?

What do the experts say is considered a “high-quality” child care setting for infants, toddlers and preschoolers? How would you prepare your baby or toddler for the transition to child care? How would you prepare your preschooler for the transition to child care?

Research a tool or information that consumers of child care can use when they shop various child care settings.

What factors affect quality in Miami’s Child Care programs?

Visit two licensed child care centers or licensed family group homes and use your consumer information to shop the center as if you were a parent looking for child care.

Rate each program and consider the level of quality in each. What were the strengths and weakness of each center according to your observation? Would you choose either of the programs for your child? Why or why not?

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