​Lean heavily on our e-Resources, assignment help

Lean heavily on our e-Resources and my Week 2 and 3 overviews. Don’t go too far afield outside. If you do use anything outside, be sure to give proper citations. Please respond to only one of the following. Compose your original posts carefully before posting, paying careful attention to grammar, organization and clarity of expression.

1. Using our e-Resources from this week and last, select one key difference between Descartes’ view and Hume’s and clearly explain it. Include a focus on each of the relevant parts of each view.

2. Descartes argues ultimately that skepticism can be defeated. Hume, on the other hand, is a classic skeptic. Whose view resonates with you more and why?

3. Berkeley is a wild guy! He’s an empiricist and an idealist, who holds that we can have knowledge from experience. It’s just that we have no experiential basis for knowing anything about material objects. All we ever experience are ideas and spirits and we have knowledge of these only. Choose and explain your choice:

(a) I’m more of a skeptic like Hume.

(b) I’m more of an idealist like Berkeley

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