18th Century Novel Discussion, English homework help

Please provide a comprehensive response of (minimum 250 characters) to each of these discussion questions below. This is not an essay, so you won’t need to worry about formatting or sources but instead focus on quality of writing, editing, proofreading and proper sentence structure because this is a English course assignment.

A. Why was (and is) Robinson Crusoe so popular?

In the second recording I give a thumbnail sketch of the reception and status of Defoe’s book. Why do you think Robinson Crusoe has such appeal and longevity? Is it because of how it was written? Or the story itself? What about this book was SO appealing that it even helped to launch a new literary form in England, the novel?

B. What – if anything – does Crusoe learn?

In today’s lecture I frame Defoe’s novel in terms of Protestant spiritual autobiographies. The book is often read as a redemption narrative and – as I suggested and Abraham explores further in his Reading Response – it can also be seen as a cautionary tale. If it IS a story of redemption and growth, what exactly does Crusoe learn from his many years of introspection on the island? The ability to grow and change is an important attribute of characters in novels. How does Crusoe change? (DOES he?)

Your welcome to use external sources but all the sources you will need is(let me know if any of the links don’t open):

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