Hello i need a Good and Positive Comment related with this argument .A paragraph  with no more  100 words.DeactivatedIjeoma Igbokwe1 postsRe:Topic 2 DQ 1Emotional intelligence is among the important leadership skills (Huber, 2014). Every good leader must pose the ability to consider other people’s emotional state and act to enhance harmony. Leaders’ behaviors are easily noticed because they serve the people, their patterns of actions, attitude and performance have a remarkable impact on the attitudes and the behavior of the people they work with or for. (Huber, 2014) A good leader should not be too sensitive to people’s reaction, and should not take criticism personal. He/she should be able to tolerate peoples’ unpleasant attitudes and remarks without losing his/her temper. Followers needs to be able to depend on role consistency, balance, and behavioral integrity from their leader. (Huber, 2014)According to Huber (2014) Self-awareness is the ability to read one’s own emotional state and be aware of one’s mood and how this affects the staff relationship. Leader’s perceptions of themselves, their roles and expectation have effect of their followers, for example a leader who is too fixated on his/her integrity could be easily distracted from his role. A leader is there to serve others, not to defend his/her image or integrity.  Self-awareness is crucial to leadership effectiveness and is focused for many leadership exercises. It is being able to acknowledge what you are good at while admitting what you are not good at, while being open to correction and suggestions from the followersA leader should be able to spot when a staff mood or countenance changes, because if a staff is emotionally or psychologically unstable, it affects his/her productivity. For a nurse who has always been punctual to work, cheerful and efficiently, becomes the opposite, a good leader should be able to notice the change and call the nurse in for good and friendly conversation. Letting the staff know that they are equally important and their work is appreciated would create a positive and friendly work environment. A leader who ignores the mood of others does not have the quality of a good leadership.Effective leadership especially in nursing profession should possess numerous talents, skills, and competencies. (Taft, 2004) Most of the scenarios nurses come across in the field is not taught in school or contained in the textbook, but nurses make use of clinical judgement skills to handle abstract or unusual situations. Leadership is all about creating a good relationship with other people, no leader succeeds without the cooperation and coordinated efforts of others. (Taft, 2004)I worked with a unit manager who was not open to correction. She never asked questions and was not ready to learn either. Even though she has been a leader in another facility and obvious possess other leadership quality, but she is new to our facility. There was a report about a resident, the nurse manager decided not to ask the staff about this resident’s behavior, her interaction with this resident made the resident agitated and turned out destructive.ReferencesHuber, D. (2014). Leadership and Nursing Care Management (5th ed.). Maryland Heights, MO: Saunders Elsevier. ISBN-13:Taft. S.H (2004) Emotional Intelligent Leadership in Nursing and Health Care Organization. Retrieved from https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/c5c9/60e44a5a8b58230de82725538fa33861ea08.pdf

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