2 help me 6th grade work


  1. Read the passage.

    “That’s fresh air,” she [Mary] said. “Lie on your back and draw in long breaths of it. That’s what Dickon does when he’s lying on the moor. He says he feels it in his veins and it makes him strong and he feels as if he could live for ever and ever. Breathe it and breathe it.”

    Which best identifies the event that is foreshadowedin this passage?

    The growing friendship between Mary and Colin

    Colin’s ability to live forever

    A dramatic improvement in Colin’s health

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  1. Which personality trait does Dickon have that would make him “at home in Buckingham palace or at the bottom of a coal mine”?

    He doesn’t care about money.

    He is very likable.

    He knows how to behave in all social situations.

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  1. Which best identifies a theme of The Secret Garden?

    Sick people should avoid spending too much time outdoors.

    Human beings need companionship in order to flourish.

    Love usually brings more pain than joy.

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  1. What is the best definition of a dynamic character?

    One of the most important characters in the story, on whom the plot is centered

    A character who undergoes an internal change over the course of the story

    Characters who do not play a pivotal role in the plot but still participate in the events of the story

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  1. Read the passage.

    “There’s not a single lump there!” she said at last. “There’s not a lump as big as a pin—except backbone lumps, and you can only feel them because you’re thin. I’ve got backbone lumps myself, and they used to stick out as much as yours do, until I began to get fatter, and I am not fat enough yet to hide them.”

    Which bestidentifies an example of hyperbole from the passage?

    “not a single lump there”

    “used to stick out as much as yours do”

    “not fat enough yet to hide them”

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