2 Page Paper Needed ASAP

1984 Paper Assignment

PARTY CONTROL THEME: There are many techniques the party uses to keep its people under control. Some of these methods of control are obvious and some are more inconspicuous.  Discuss the tactics Big Brother employs to keep its citizens under careful control. 

Some areas to consider are:

  • Electronic surveillance
  • Language control
  • Policies on family
  • Creation and proliferation of entertainment
  • Corporal punishment and murder
  • Perpetual war

For your papers, I want you to incorporate one quote per body paragraph, for a total of three. Remember all the rules for five paragraph essays. They are:

Use a creative title

Have a strong attention getter, thesis, statement of development, transitions, and topic sentences

Avoid “be” verbs

Avoid passive voice

Introduce quotes and properly cite them

Keep writing in the present tense


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