2 Part Project

Part 1:How are family, culture, and diversity portrayed in the Media?- This assignment aims to examine diversity, culture, family carefully, etc., behavior as portrayed in the media using the knowledge they have gained throughout the course. This activity asks you to analyze a representative sampling of TV programs portraying families, following the guidelines below.Observe the two families from GEORGE LOPEZ & FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR and prepare a PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint presentation should include a minimum of 10 slides.Part 2:Submit a 1-page (double spaced) summary of what you have learned about how culture/diversity/families are portrayed in the media and a summary of your family selections.You must also use a minimum of 2 references (you may include your textbook). Connections from portrayals in the show should be related to the information presented in the textbook or other resources. APA format is required.***A more thorough explanation and a rubric are available in the google doc attached***

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