APA format 400 WORDS 3 scholarly citations 1 BiblicalDo not use Any WEBSITESin current APA format. Each reply must incorporate 3 scholarly citation and 1 Biblical in current APAformat. Any sources cited must have been published within the last five years.This discussion focuses on exploring your experiences in which your own or others’ past or present substance use has impacted your views of addictions. As you reflect on your beliefs and experiences, try answering the following questions:a) What do you believe is the root cause of addictions?b) What has impacted the way you view addictions most?c) What must clients do to solve addiction problems?d) What is your general (broad) goal for clients struggling with addictions?e) What are some techniques or approaches you might use to help clients who struggle with addictions? f) What is your thought on relapse prevention?g) What kind of role will you take as a counselor?

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