20 1920 HAROLD LLOYD AN EASTERN WESTERNER, film homework help

Pick up two movies in American cinema and what is the Thesis statement and what is the message from them it research paper make it really good paper write about the theories and write about the theme write why you pick these moviesWhat I believe and my opinion. you can choose a movies in America cinema over 1960s.

The first film: 20 1920 Harold Lloyd An Eastern WESTERNER 

YouTube URL:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vT8q4qIgzw

The second film : YouTube URL:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8pXQGrD14E

approximately 8-10 pages in MLA format, adhering to sound research methods and practices. I expect that this paper will be concise, sharply focused on one subject with a fair degree of cogency, and accurately referenced wherever citations are necessary. We will discuss potential topics in class for each paper. All papers must be double-spaced with only your name and course title and section at the top left of the first page; number all pages. I will not accept any paper that features only websites as sources and I insist on the use of your texts; academic, peerreviewed journal articles; and other books, periodicals, and newspapers, and then websites that you can authenticate as scholarly in nature, factually accurate, and credible and verifiable as sources for this course. 

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