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For your Final Project, you analyze a current or historical mass murder case. This could be any case involving killing three or more persons at a single location with no cooling-off period between murders; however, there must be enough information about the case for you to make an in-depth analysis.To prepare for this Assignment:Review pages 305–309 in the Bartol and Bartol course text.Select a current or historical mass murder case.By Day 7In a 1-page paper:Summarize the murder case you selected.Provide at least two references from which you will obtain information about the case.writing expectations15.75 (63%) – 17.5 (70%)Paper demonstrates an excellent understanding of all of the concepts and key points presented in the text/s and Learning Resources. Paper provides significant detail including multiple relevant examples, evidence from the readings and other sources, and discerning ideas.Points Range:14 (56%) – 15.7 (62.8%)WritingPoints Range:6.75 (27%) – 7.5 (30%)Paper is well organized, uses scholarly tone, follows APA style, uses original writing and proper paraphrasing, contains very few or no writing and/or spelling errors, and is fully consistent with graduate level writing style. Paper contains multiple, appropriate and exemplary sources expected/required for the assignment.

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