PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AS THEY HAVE BEEN GIVEN TO YOU! THIS ASSIGNMENT IS DUE SUNDAY @ 11:59!Select one question out of each of the denoted chapters below and post your response addressing one question.Chapter Five“Mob Mentality”Watch this video of a mob mentality in a Walmart store on Black Friday:http://youtu.be/fCoR2hcseIwDiscussion:What do you think contributed to the break down in collective efficacy for this crime to occur?OrChapter SixDiscuss the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011. What components of strain theory are evident in the protest message and in the conduct of the protestors who stage these events?Or“Occupy Oakland”Watch this video of occupy Oakland protestors clashing with police:http://youtu.be/u8qtpj3WxTADiscussion:Analyze how even peaceful protestors galvanize together to form norms and values, including rebellious, antisocial, and potentially criminal behaviors. Considering a scenario like Occupy Oakland, what conduct norms conflict to create such an event?   Can these incidences be prevented?  If so, how?

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