4 pages introduction section of research proposal project

the introduction draft assignment will largely be an extension of the literature review.go over  the assignment which I have included. You may want to look at pieces of peer reviewed research to get ideas of how an introduction section looks. This usually includes giving a proper background and context for your subject via literature review, giving definitions of relevant concepts, and making sure to clearly state your hypothesis. A big portion of this introduction draft assignment is the proper use of APA formats. While there are many guides on APA 7th edition, a good introduction is via Owl Purdue. This will include proper in-text citations, a simple example is placing (Author last name(s), year) at the end of a sentence that contains the contribution given by that paper, and the inclusion of an APA reference page (one last link). It may be easiest to look at the articles you have chosen for your references to see an active example of this.-Please check the rubric, final draft rubric also included to get a wider scope on the assignmentThe work will be checked for following instructions and for being free of plagiarism and will be canceled if instructions was not followed

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