5 page paper, 1200 words, APA format

The literature review paper is on a topic of your choice. The topic must relate to the course and must be approved by me. Students will select an aspect of social psychology (e.g. relationships, interpersonal attraction, prosocial behavior, cohesion, identity, conformity, structure, power, leadership, conflict, or racism) and find two, current, peer-reviewed studies that address this topic. Students will review these studies in a 5-7 page paper in length including a citation page. Papers will need to be written in accordance with the American Psychological Association’s (APA) guidelines (2001). See the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th ed.), Washington, D.C.

Paper Summaries for Social Psychology

Choose two peer-reviewed psychological studies, which can be found on psycinfo orpsycarticles at www.lib.umb.edu .  You will first need to find two full-text, peer-reviewed articles, and submit the abstract pages from these studies for approval.  The papers should on a related topic in social psychology.  (It will be easier to compare and contrast articles if they are on a related topic. Topics suggestions can be found on course content page.)  Structure is as follows:
.Introductory paragraph
b.Summarize your topic, e.g. If your topic was attachment in adulthood, you might start out by saying…”Attachment in adulthood has been examined in a variety of ways.  It has been looked at in dating, committed and marital relationships and the findings have differed depending on the relationship status examined… In what follows, three articles examining adult attachment in these three stages will be reviewed.” 
.Summary Paragraphs
a.Introduce study. 
b.Describe the study, paying attention to the research concepts we have discussed in this course, e.g. number of participants, correlational versus experimental.  You do not have to mention particular statistical methods, if they are confusing or beyond what we have discussed in class.
c.Summarize findings of study.
.Repeat II for second study
.Provide an overview or summary paragraph for the studies, e.g. The studies examining the issue of adult attachment had very different findings.  These differences seem to be due to fact that this was examined in different populations in variety of different ways.  Specifically, the technique using interviews had the most promising findings because it seemed to capture important aspects of attachment, such as…  Future research should expand this research to include older couples, same-sex couples and couples from x countries…., this would provide greater external validity for this methodology and related findings.”

The two central objectives are to become familiar with the psychological databases and locate primary sources in social psychology (peer-reviewed papers), and to accurately summarize these materials.  The ability to accurately summarize psychological studies is critical particularly in social psych, because we have a tendency to read our preconceptions into findings in psychology (i.e., we are influenced by our schemas, when interpreting this material).  Thus, the first step in studying psychological science is to accurately understand the findings. 

I can’t find the articles on the internet so I have no problem giving you my library password and other info.  If you search “Social Influence:  Compliance and Conformity” and “the psychological explanation of conformity” those are the two articles I’m supposed to be reviewing. 

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