500 Word Assignment due ASAP

RACISM Self segregation (3).docx 

SafeAssign submission of final draft due by midnight on Sept. 22.

Choose an essay from the topical articles provided in Course Documents and develop a rhetorical analysis of that essay: 1) describe the author’s main claim and the overall organization of the essay, 2) delineate the specific support the author develops for the main claim, and 3) critique the effectiveness (or lack thereof!) of the author’s rhetorical strategies. Be sure to introduce the essay by full title and author’s full name (thereafter referring to the author by last name only), to use specific details to support your analysis, to use quotation marks if you use the author’s exact words, and to remember that you must avoid using the first person singular and second person pronouns.

Format: Your papers must be typed, doublespaced*, in a 12-point font. They must be at least500 words in length (2-3 pages) except for the final paper, which must be at least 1000 words. Print your last name and page number in the upper rightheader of each page. You must list your name, the class and section, my name, and the date in the upper left corner of your first page. All papers must be submitted twice on the date due: online through the specific essay assignment SafeAssign window on the class Blackboard website (by midnight) and in hard copy form in class. If your paper is submittedin either of these forms on time, it will not be counted late. However, your paper will not be graded until you submit a hard copy. Late essay grades will be docked by a letter grade (10 %) for each day past the due date, and no papers will be accepted more than two days past the due date. Any paper that contains unattributed material from any other writer will receive a grade of F. You may not use either first

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