509- Ch-9

Answer briefly the questions, only use the source provided, add citations.

1. Goal – “A quality education program for students with motor disabilities addresses important functional skills that will promote the students’ independence and participation in their community both as youth and adults.”

· Identify and describe three (3) things that a school/teacher can do to promote independence for a student with a motor disability


· Identify and describe three (3) things that a school/teacher can do to promote participation in their community for a student with a motor disability


2. What biases do you think a student with motor disabilities may experience in the school setting and what recommendations would you make to address the biases?


3. Identify and define six (6) mobility aids:


4. As students return to school campuses, what are the specific health risks and concerns for students with motor disabilities and identify and describe 3 precautions that schools should have in place before students return.


5. What is the purpose of the Individual Education Plan in providing a free appropriate public education (FAPE)?


6. Define the following:


Gross Motor Function   Classification System (GMFCS) and Levels I-V


Service Delivery Models

7. What type of special training should the following providers have to deliver services to students with motor disabilities and what are some of the challenges?




Physical Therapist


Speech Language   Pathologist

8. Describe strategies for meeting the physical assistance and management needs of students with motor disabilities in daily routines and school-related activities.

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