530 Paper

Please follow all directions & rubric-


A field trip is an excellent way to apply learning objectives within the community. These experiences allow students to see how their classroom learning applies to the world around them. While a field trip can be beneficial to student learning, it does require thoughtful consideration.

For this assignment, you will plan a field trip that would allow students to apply content knowledge outside the classroom.

Your plan must include:

General Planning:

  • Location of field trip. Cost per student/adult.
  • Number of students/adults that would go on the field trip.
  • Transportation options.
  • Special offers from the field trip location.
  • Lunch options.
  • Description of services available for students with disabilities.
  • Guidelines for chaperones.

Academic Planning:

  • At least three learning objectives that will be met on the field trip.
  • Activities in which the students will participate and how the activities support the learning objectives.
  • Reflection/write up that the students would have to complete after the field trip.
  • Permission letter for parents to sign.

Write a 250-500 word reflection on your process for planning a field trip. How difficult was it to find a field trip that supported your chosen learning objectives? Explain how the field trip was a way you promoted positive outcomes for young children. Describe how you will use this process in your future professional practice.














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