Assignment 6.3: Mental DisordersMental DisordersOBJECTIVEIdentify the different assessment and diagnostic methods related to mental disordersASSIGNMENT OVERVIEWThis writing assignment explores ways to assess mental disorders.DELIVERABLESA one and one half-page paper (12-point font)Step 1 Conduct online research.Research the main categories of mental disorders and their evaluation and assessments. For example, you can use your favorite Internet search engine to look up the following sites:National Institute of Mental HealthMental Help.netAmerican Psychological Association Help CenterStep 2 Report on methods of diagnosis and assessments of the major mental disorders.Write a one and one-half-page report on mental disorders, their diagnosis, and treatment. Identify the following elements in your paper:The major categories of mental disorders. ( Hint: Anxiety disorders are one category.)The commonly used methods of diagnosis.The treatment of choice (meaning the favorite current treatment) for this disorder.

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