a disscussion about SO one page or half one page

Read chapter 11 in your textbook, watch the video below, and provide thoughtful discussion postings using the questions that follow: 

“A Girl Like Me”:

http://www.understandingrace.org/lived/video/index.html (Links to an external site.)

Address the following issues in your first posting:

View the definition of race in your textbook. Is “race” a real biological category or a social creation? Does the idea of racial differences really exist? Why or why not?

Can skin color and hair texture determine a person’s value in the world? Why or why not? 

Address the following issues in your second posting:

This film features a reenactment of the original Doll Test. What does Kiri Davis’ reenactment of this experiment have to do with race?

Does the concept of “race” enhance or decrease self-worth in children?

What messages does our society give African American children about their value and worth as human beings? How does the mass media influence young African American women?

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