a paper about a image exhibition at the gallery


Hello, curator! You‘ve already started planning for your (yes, imaginary) art exhibition at the gallery, and have selected your theme and the works you‘ll be including. Now, your awesome curatorial self has also decided to put together an exhibition catalog for this exhibition (basically, a book of photos of the pieces chosen for inclusion, as well as information and essays about them) and it is your job, as curator, to write the introductory essay for this catalog. 

The Assignment

So, then, in a 5-7page formal essay, you will explain your theme and why you have chosen to include these four to seven particular works of art in your exhibition (you can use ANY image but not just painting since in this context any choice will be regarded as painting/work of art). You will consider these works of art, these visual texts, with regards to one another and in conjunction with texts we‟ve read by Berger and Ramamurthy (you may use one or both). Develop a strong claim, explain the stakes of your argument, and give supportive examples and evidence. How do they relate to one another and to the theme of the exhibition? How does each make use of appropriated images, styles, and/or objects? What might the appropriative aspects of these works be commenting upon within your theme? What are some of the messages each artist appears to encode in each work, and what oppositional or incomplete readings might result through their usage of appropriative techniques? 


The art lovers who will attend your exhibition are largely educated folks, very much like yourself. Write for your instructor and your classmates (an academic audience), and you‘ll be fine. 


Your paper should be: 

 5-7pages, and include a list of the art works you‘ve chosen (Specific images)

 double-spaced, with standard margins 

 in Times New Roman font (12 point) 

 proofread for typos, grammatical errors, and speling mistakes (yes, like that one) 

And should include: 

 MLA citations (yes, this means you have to use quotations—at least three

 Works Cited page in MLA format 

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