Adolescent Struggles Answer question

Some research concludes that there are no more struggles in adolescence than in childhood or adulthood, only perceived problems of greater magnitude. Is this accurate according to your estimation/experience? Why do you conclude that adolescents struggle more than anyone else? Is it just perception? How would you argue for the case of specific attention that is given to adolescents apart from the mainstream of counseling? Why do they need a specialized form of counseling which is adapted to them? Further, how does your church address the specialized needs of adolescents? What would you like to see added to or changed from the current scenario of counseling for adolescents? 

 at least 400 words in length

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Your replies should relate the issues discussed in the threads to 2 biblical principles and relative experience. For each thread, you should support your assertions with at least 2 citations and each reply should include at least 1 citation in current APA format. 

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