African Diaspora, history homework help

Please write a book review from any of the three books below it should be around 7 pages with reference


Students are expected to read, prepare, type, and submit a book report on one of the following books:

Rodney Walter, The Groundings With My Brothers (London: Bogle-L’Ouverture Publications, 1969).


Jennifer L. Morgan, Laboring Women: Reproduction and Gender in New World Slavery ( Philadelphia: Universityof Pennsylvania Press, 2004)


France W. Twine, Racism in a Racial Democracy: The Maintenance of White Supremacy in Brazil(New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, 1998)

The book report must be double spaced typed in 5 pages not counting the cover page. It should include amongst other parts:

  • A brief biography of the author
  • Its objectives/problem/arguments
  • Its scope and limitations
  • A summary of its chapters
  • Its strengths and weaknesses
  • Its relevance to the course
  • A clear introduction and conclusion

NB: Copies of these books were presented in our first class of the semester. Students who still need to have look at them to make a choice can stop by my office during office hours. These books are not sold in the book store and it is the student’s responsibility to get his/her chosen book from the library, Amazon, etc.

1)Due Date: November 18, 2016. Hard copies shall be submitted during the class period. Remember that no paper shall be accepted after the due date and time.

2) Format: Double spaced typed in five pages minus the cover page

3) Structure: The main text should include:

i) An Introduction: This should identify the author (with a footnote that briefly summarizes his/her academic qualifications and experiences), the book title, its objectives/problem/arguments, its scope and limitation, type of publication, its structure, the issue, etc.

ii) A Body: This part should include chapter summaries, its strengths, its weaknesses, its relevance to the course, etc

iii) A Conclusion that ties the paper together and states the reasons why you will or will not recommend this book for others to read.

Nota Bane: See your syllabus for other specific requirements for this part of the course assessment. Apply the same writing style, mechanics, and organization as spelled out for your assignment above.

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