To learn more about Alzheimer disease (AD) and the Internet resources available to individuals affected by it, use the Internet to find brief answers to the following questions. (Hint: The Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center of Washington University maintains a website and search engine that will help you get started []. Another useful website is the Alzheimer Association page at is AD? Is there more than one variety of this disease?What are the major symptoms of AD?How is AD usually diagnosed?What causes AD? What areas of the brain are affected by AD?What role are free radicals believed to play in AD? Briefly explain one other theory of AD.Describe the typical progression of AD. What is the usual cause of death in AD victims?What are the 10 warning signs of AD?List 10 simple ways to help the family of a person with AD.Is prenatal diagnosis of AD possible?What resources are available on the Internet for AD caregivers?

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