american history by

 1.  A big difference between the Spanish and British way of starting colonies in the New 

 World was

a. British colonies started off very big while Spanish colonies started off small

b. British colonies were paid for and closely controlled by the king

c. British colonies were started for the purpose of converting natives to Christianity, not to get rich

d. British colonies were started by private investors, not by the king

2. The original reason the English settled in Virginia was to

a. find gold  b. convert Indians to Christianity  c. block the Spaniards from grabbing America  d. find tobacco

3. The Eastern Woodland Indians that the English found in America were perhaps not 

as ‘savage’ or ‘wild’ as people think for all these reasons EXCEPT

a. they used an alphabet typically written on bark  b. average lifespan was higher than England’s

c. their agriculture was sustainable  d. they were often healthier, bigger and stronger than the English

e. although Eastern Woodland Indian tribes fought, their ‘wars’ were small with few killed

4. At the start, the Natives of Virginia could probably have totally destroyed the English, who were helpless; instead they helped them…why?

a. they knew that there was no hope to ever defeat the Europeans

b. the English could become allies to help them against other native tribes

c. the English offered useful things like iron tools and wool blankets

d. the natives were peaceful and their religion strictly forbade any killing

e. both b and c

5. Despite dangers of all kinds, in the beginning, most English settlers were killed by

a. disease and starvation.  b. disease and Indians.  c. shipwrecks

d. starvation and the Spanish.

6. Which is NOT true of Indentured Servants?

a. worked for many years in exchange for travel to America b. they very often died before their years of work were donec. their years of work were often extended d. at least had the right to vote in colonial elections

7. Which group was NOT used by the British to make up for the very high death rate in Virginia?

a. African slaves.  b. indentured servants  c. Native American slaves and British convicts

d.homeless children from London  e. no, all of these were used

8. During the 1660s and 1670s, violence between settlers and Indians increased because

a. Indians wanted to kill all the British  b. the colonial government wanted war

c. Indians needed hunting lands but settlers needed farming land  d. there was a severe food shortage.

e. Comcast massively increased cable fees, making war more attractive

9.  A common ‘money’ of exchange between Indians and British colonists was

a. diamonds.  b. furs.  c. tobacco.  d. slaves.  e. gold

10. Though guns and tools sold by Europeans to the Native Americans helped, in the long-term they may have hurt the Natives because

a. many Natives died in accidents with the new technology  b. they made the Natives as powerful as the Europeans  c. they hurt the natural balance and changed Indian societyd. guns were hard to get

11. Which was NOT a factor pushing the constant growth of the British colonies?

a. poor whites trying to ‘squat’ on land not already controlled by the rich 

b. the rapid expansion of French Canadac. greedy tobacco planting rapidly ‘burned out’ the land  

d. speculators trying to make fast money by grabbing land

e. Native American lack of the idea of ‘private property’

12. Why was there also fighting between British and British in Virginia in 1676 ?

a. hatred between Catholics and Protestants had spread to the colonies

b. indentured servants and backcountry poor were angry with the rich governing class

c. the conflict in England between the king and Parliament had spread to the colonies

d. blocked by powerful native tribes, the British turned on each other

13. The rich ‘Sugar Islands’ were mostly important to British North America because

a. they bought cheap New England fish to feed their large slave force  b. they sold them sugar and molasses  c. their large populations bought New England manufactured goodsd. a & b e. b & c

14. By 1700, the biggest advantage of slave labor over servant labor was that

a. slaves worked harder than indentured servants.  b. servants had a high death rate.

c. slaves worked forever  d. servants could run away more easily than slaves.

15. Which is NOT true of the British colonies in North America as they grew in population?

a. older, richer settlers shared their land with newcomers  b. colonial governments became less democratic  c. newcomers that wanted land went to the frontier  d. land became more expensive

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