Analyzing Advertisements , English homework help

my professor is looking for in source citations, one inch margins, and an MLA style format. 


·  Minimum four (4) full pages, maximum six (6) full pages, not including Works Cited.

·  Minimum two (2), maximum four (4) primary sources.

·  Minimum one (1) secondary scholarly source.

·  Manuscript prepared in MLA style.

·  Sources cited in MLA style Works Cited page.

To support your thesis statement, you will be making use of primary sources in the form of advertisements and the products themselves, including print, radio, television, and Internet ads. You will include a minimum of two (2) and maximum of four (4) primary sources. Your essay also needs to include at least one (1) secondary scholarly source.

i chose my company to be Red Bull Energy drink because its a basic platform and a large company with lots of online resources. 

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