Analyzing an Opinion/ Suggested , English homework help

To discover the value to an opinion, the opinion should be divided into its various aspects, and each aspect carefully examined for how well it meets its purpose.  The major aspects of an opinion consist of the Position, the Reasons, the Mechanics, and the Presentation.  Carefully read the opinion against legalizing recreational marijuana and analyze how well you determine the writer has presented his opinion.

For Position, among other factors, you should consider clarity and consistency.

For Reasons, among other factors, you should consider the relevance, the credibility, the explanation, exemplification.

For Mechanics, among other factors, you should consider the language usage and structure.

For Presentation, among other factors, you should consider the style, tone, images.

Your analysis of each aspect should result in a determination of Validity for each.  In other words, does the writer have very weak, weak, strong, very strong for the parts of the opinion.

Your analysis should also result in your overall acceptance of the opinion.  Acceptance is about the level of validity of the complete opinion, not about the amount of agreement with the opinion.

about 1 page, double-spaced, typed.  Take each aspect and analyze it separately in a short section.

See attached for the article. 

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