Analyzing Values (social, cultural, relig.) in Mythology Essay, sociology homework help

Choose a known mythical legend and identify the cultural, social, or religious values expressed through it. Analyze how the myth functions to uphold, enforce, or reinforce a set of values within its culture, society, or religion. Finally, comment on whether in your view this influence was to its detriment or benefit of the culture, society, or religion, and explain why you think so. This assignment has to be submitted to TurnItIn, so please, no plagiarism. Use only reliable scholarly sources, such as scholars known for their knowledge on topics of classic mythology.

The paper should be 4-5 pages or about 1,000-1,400 words in length, in size 12 Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and follow MLA or another style guide format. Proper grammar and word usage is a must.

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