Annotated bibliography from the Longman anthology

Research paper

The broad topic of this paper involved any work of literature in our textbook (THE LONGMAN ANTHOLOGY, BRITISH LITERATURE. Vol 1. The Middle Ages, Vol B. the Early Modern Period and Vol 1C. The Restoration and The Eighteen Century). They are all Forth Edition.

The research paper should make a claim about one or more works of literature (thesis), which is the supported by example from and interpretation of the text(s) that you have read, and information from the secondary sources such as articles and books of literary criticisms as well as information and/or interpretation from historians.

The paper can be a comparison of two different works of the same author or by different authors but the thesis must say more than the two works are different or similar. What does their differences shows?

The paper should be 4-5 pages in length (without counting the work cited page), with a front size of 12, approximately 1, in Times New Roman Front. The document should be in MLA style. All research must involves a search of the literature in the MLA Bibliography. Virtually no source should be personal websites. Electronic journal articles and other scholarly electronic sources do not count as personal website.

The bibliography should have the following criterial

  • It should contain both books and periodical articles
  • It should be up to date
  • It should indicate completeness in research

All resources should be available in Cressman Library. In addition, all works on your works cited list should be cited in the paper.

Note above is from my Professor and below is my note

I need An annotated bibliography from any work of literature from the list of books listed in the uploaded file (Just choose a work from the books listed that you think you want to write about and provide the list of secondary sources that you would want to use.) The list of source should be cited in MLA style

My professor want the secondary sources to be from my school library only but Im giving the guide to my school library so that you can check the materials available on there. After you know materials are available on my school library you can search them outside from different sites. when you send back the topic and sources your want to use to support the work, she will approve it and I will send it back to you so that you can write the full paper. For now all what I need is the topic and sources well cited. Below is the guide to the library

Cedar Crest College–Mycedarcrest–go to Cressman Library

Note….. If you want to do both the annotated bibliography and the full paper at the same time we can chat to arrange everything but I will need the bibliography before tomorrow morning. the 15$ is just for Annotated Bibliography

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