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Find a research based journal article from a reputable social science or criminal justice publication and provide a synopsis of it here. You may choose either quantitative or qualitative inquiry based studies. There are many journals out there from which you can choose. Here are a couple you can use:

1. What technique was used to select subjects?2. Are there independent and dependent variables?

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3. Was this qualitative or quantitative inquiry?

4. Anything else of interest about the research.

Additionally, discuss whether or not the research was pertinent and necessary. Was it timely? Could it have been improved? How will it inform the public and/or public policy?

In this assignment you need to be SURE the research article is qualitative or quantitative. I think many of you will again find informational articles and be a bit confused by that.

If the article is providing data, but not a research hypothesis or research questions, then it is not a research study. We now need to focus on what a research study is.

The point of this discussion is to FIND a RESEARCH STUDY. Not just an article that provides information. Do some research, folks. FIND a true research study. If you find an informational article and want to post it, that’s all right, but remember it will not meet the requirements of this discussion board.


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