Applying Major Issues in Development to Practice

This first week, you will establish a base of knowledge regarding lifespan development. The major issues in development are as follows:Nature and nurture.Critical periods and plasticity.Continuity and discontinuity.Universality and specificity.Qualitative and quantitative change.Activity and passivity.Using the Capella library, locate a scholarly resource (journal article or book chapter) that is specific to one of the major issues in development. (See the second study in Unit 1, Development Issues Article Search, for helpful links to these topics.) Clearly describe both sides of the controversy. Evaluate the credibility of the resource, using an appropriate combination of these possible methods:Credibility of author or publisher.Relevancy to the field.Accuracy of information.Support of conclusions.Assessment for researcher bias.Timeliness or current relevancy.Use of scholarly references.Detailed and clear information.Correct description of data analysis.Other methods (explain).ReferenceAllen, D. B., & Allen, D. W. (1996). 2+2 equals better performance: Alternative performance appraisal with feedback and encouragement. Unpublished manuscript, University of Denver, Colorado; Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia.

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