Article Analysis


  1. Read: Article: AARC Standards for Multicultural Research
  2. Case Study: A 60 year old, caucacian woman teaches in an American University Counseling program. She has proposed a research project which will evaluate the impact of a group trauma intervention on oral tribes in oppressed areas of a third world country. The population she is researching are very poor, have experienced personal and community-wide trauma, and live in refugee camps with little hope of ever finding a home. They do not speak English and have limited education.


  • Using the AARC article and the Case Study, answer the following Questions:
    1. According to the article, what are at least one thing the researcher in the Case Study should strive to do in each of the following areas: the research design, data collection methods, and analysis of results?
    2. What are 3 specific things she should be sure NOT to do?
    3. What makes this article a credible source for informing this research project?
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