Article analysis


In Module 3 you explored and researched a chosen article from the JF Liberty library databases. For Module 7, you will choose an article of your own selection which will cover a social problem we have learned about from the textbook and present a clearly written article review. 


Empirical studies provide a foundation upon which we build our understanding of social issues. Learning to locate, read, and review articles is a necessary skill to develop. By completing this assignment, you will develop an evidence-based understanding of the social issue you have chosen to observe/study.


1. Select one journal article from the databases at the JF Online library. Your article must:

· Be scholarly (from a peer-reviewed journal).

· Have been published within the past seven (5) years.

· Speak to a social problem discussed throughout this course. 

2. Write a two-page paper reviewing your article. Follow this general outline for the body of your paper:




Identify the article title,   author(s), and date of publication early in your review. Also summarize the   article and identify the primary issue discussed.


Analyze the first point made   in the article.


Analyze the second point made   in the article.


Analyze the third point made   in the article. (Continue with one paragraph per point).


Include a strong conclusion   to tie the information together.

3. Check your work carefully for errors. Read your work aloud to help identify errors in sentence structure and clarity. 

4. Format your paper according to APA guidelines. Include a:

a. Title page.

b. Two pages of text (approximately 500 words total).

c. Reference page.

5. As always, please contact your instructor if you have any questions.

APA Assistance

Helpful videos:

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