Article Analysis

The Metropolis and Mental Life- Please read article attached.

In this assignment you will explore Simmel’s classic essay “The Metropolis and Mental Life” by gathering visual images and paring them with text from Simmel’s essay. This is a photo essay. It is meant to explore Simmel’s theories and concepts using visual images taken from your present day world.

First read Simmel’s essay carefully which is attached, taking notes on interesting passages, topics, and concepts. Then select five quotes, concepts, or passages of interest from Simmel’s essay. Take five different photos that visually represent each quote or concept. Assemble your photos and the related text into a 5-slide PowerPoint Presentation. ** Remember LESS IS MORE when it comes to text on a PowerPoint – keep quotes and text as short as possible, or consider representing a single concept with your photo.

Briefly walk us through each slide and discuss how you chose to take your photos and why. Make sure to discuss passages or concepts from the text in reference to each photo when giving your presentation

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