Article review

Write an article about biometrics

Find a recent (within the past year) article that is related to something we have talked about in class, or that we will cover in a later chapter. Write a short summary (about 1 page) and turn in your summary along with a copy of the article. The article can come from a newspaper, magazine, journal, the Internet, etc. but you must somehow give me a copy of the article with your summary so that I can read the article – you will not receive credit if you do not include a copy of the article or the link to it.

1. You must submit your summary to me through the assignment section on Blackboard in Word format. You may attach it as a Word file or type it into the “Submission” box (please do not type it into the “Comments Box”).

2. You may submit the copy of the article in several ways:       

  • If it is an electronic article you may include the link to the article as part of your summary.
  • You may scan the article and attach it with your summary.
  • You may copy and paste the article and include it at the end of your summary.
  • If you have an actual hard copy (paper) of the article you may submit it separately to me in paper form – just be sure to include your name and banner ID number as well as your course section on the paper form to insure you receive credit. You must still submit the summary to me through the assignment section on Blackboard however! 

3. I will not record your points until both the summary and the article are submitted.

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