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Research Proposal Assignment

In the first essay couple, your job was to find an article from your field that discussed an issue you are interested in exploring further. In the second essay couple, you found sources that provided you with a fuller, more complex understanding of that issue. For this final research paper, you will be shifting focus a little. Now, your job will be to propose a solution to the issue you’ve been writing about all semester. This solution should be informed by the information you learn from your sources, but it is your
argument. You’ll want the proposal to be focused on proving that your solution is a good one. You’ll want to use your sources in such a way that they serve your argument, not the other way around.

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The Details
5-6 pages before the Works Cited/References 5-7 sources (at least 2 should be academic) Headings should be included. They should reflect the following components of a

good proposal:o Introduction

o Background/History/Establishing this issue as a real problem in your field

o Proposed Solution

o Addressing Counter-Arguments

o Conclusion

Audience1. Members of your field


o 1 inch margins o MLA or APAo 5-6 pages o Times New roman 12 or Arial 11o Separate Works Cited (References) page

please show the outline as well

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