What does it take for Asian American artist Yasuo Kuniyoshi to be using western aesthetics but with Asian characteristics in his art? How did America having an effect on his artwork?

What you need to do:

Mention that he is Japanese he immigrates to America before World War ii, but at world war two there is a tension be between Japanese and Americans relationship because Japan attacked pearl harbor.

Mention his feeling at that time of the period, how he felt extreme discrimination during World War II, and at that time he was a celebrated artist then after that event while he crosses the street everyone would avoid him.

Analyze how history, at that time. How as an Asian American effect his artwork.

Analyze Yasuo Kuniyoshi’s artwork

This paper must be 1000-1500 words. Please be sure to use proper citations using the Chicago Style.

This paper must include outside research and reflect a thorough analysis of your topic. 

This paper must include a thesis statement/argument that reflects your conclusions after a substantial analysis of the topic.

The thesis statement must be stated in the first paragraph.

This paper must engage with and incorporate analysis and consideration of visual materials – this can be Hollywood, mass media, fine art, commercials, billboards, political cartoons, etc.

Remember to choose one or Two art pieces ky Kuniyoshi to analyze in-depth.

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