Assessment 3: 6030

OverviewDevelop a 4–6 page holistic intervention plan design to improve the quality of outcomes for your target population and setting.Assessment InstructionsInstructionsNote: The assessments in this course are sequenced in such a way as to help you build specific skills that you will use throughout your program. Complete the assessments in the order in which they are presented.You intervention plan design will be the second section of your final project submission. The goal for this is to design a holistic plan that should be able to improve the quality of outcomes for your target population and setting. Provide enough detail so that the faculty member assessing your intervention plan design will be able to provide substantive feedback that you will be able to incorporate into the other project components in this course, as well as into the final draft of your project.At minimum, be sure to address the bullet points below, as they correspond to the grading criteria. You may also want to read the scoring guide and Guiding Questions: Intervention Plan Design document (linked in the Resources) to better understand how each criterion will be assessed. In addition to the bullet points below, provide a brief introduction that refreshes the reader’s memory about your problem statement and the setting and context for this intervention plan.Reminder: these instructions are an outline. Your heading for this this section should be Intervention Plan Componentsand not Part 1: Intervention Plan Components.Part 1: Intervention Plan ComponentsDefine the major components of an intervention plan for a health promotion, quality improvement, prevention, education, or management need.Explain the impact of cultural needs and characteristics of a target population and setting on the development of intervention plan components.Part 2: Theoretical FoundationsEvaluate theoretical nursing models, strategies from other disciplines, and health care technologies relevant to an intervention plan.Justify the major components of an intervention by referencing relevant and contemporary evidence from the literature and best practices.Part 3: Stakeholders, Policy, and RegulationsAnalyze the impact of stakeholder needs, health care policy, regulations, and governing bodies relevant to health care practice and specific components of an intervention plan.Part 4: Ethical and Legal ImplicationsAnalyze relevant ethical and legal issues related to health care practice, organizational change, and specific components of an intervention plan.Address Generally ThroughoutCommunicate intervention plan in a professional way that helps the audience to understand the proposed intervention.Additional RequirementsLength of submission: 4–6 pages, double spaced.Number of resources: Minimum of 5–10 resources. (You may use resources previously cited in your literature review to contribute to this number. Your final project will require 12–18 unique resources.)Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style. Header formatting follows current APA levels.Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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