Assignment 1 (3167)

Written Assignment #1Submit to assignment Drop box by 11:59 pm Saturday, 1/26In a 2-page paper, address the importance of academic honesty as it relates to student writing. Discuss the reasons why students plagiarize,the potential consequences of plagiarism, and how it can be avoided.(Note: this assignment shouldnotinclude scholarly/manuscript writing for publication or research).Requires a minimum of 2 references: one from an English titled, peer-reviewed NURSING journal (less than 5 years-old) andone from theAPA Manual:ISBN: 9781433805615American Psychological Association. (2009). American Psychological Association Manual (6thed.). Washington: Author.Use three level-one headings.Professional, governmental, or educational organizations (.org, .gov, or .edu) may be used as supplemental references.

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