Assignment 4

Assignment 4 (Algorithms for Practical Use):

During Week 4, you will extend the machine learning proposal to include a prototyped algorithm for the proposed solution.

The project deliverables for Week 4 must include the following:

  • A flowchart that is relevant to the steps of the machine learning process, from data ingest through communicating the results or taking actions based on the findings of the prototyped solution.
  • A discussion of the data characteristics, chosen algorithm, visualization(s) for the algorithm, and code for the algorithm(s).
  • Any code or screenshots, as well as the visualization outputs for the prototype.

Using the partially completed template created in Week 1 and extended in Weeks 2 and 3, add 3–4 pages of new content. It should be formatted using APA style and include at least 2 references.

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