Assignment 7B

APA Format, 5 Pages, 7 References 

The assignment is to write a research paper that uses a recognized leadership theory and use that to describe how that leadership theory would apply to a nonprofit organization’s executive director (CEO).   I am interested in having you think about the organizational structure of your nonprofit (or any nonprofit), the staffing, the type of board of directors, and the mission of the organization and then consider a current leadership theory and how it might be helpful in enhancing the leadership capacity of the ED. You will establish a connection between the leadership of your selected nonprofit and a leadership theory you believe to have the potential to strengthen the leadership capacity of your organization. 

Some leadership theories from which you might want to choose are described in these books:

1. The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner

2.  Adaptive Leadership by Ronald Heifetz and others

3.  Leaders: Strategies for Taking Charge by Burt Nanus and Warren Bennis

4.  Primal Leadership (Emotional Intelligence) by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzes, and Annie McKee

5.  Appreciative Inquiry by David Cooperrider

This is a research paper and should demonstrate your ability to seek information outside the assigned readings from this class.  As graduate students, you are expected analyze material and not simply regurgitate what you have read. 

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