Assignment: Managing   Interdepartmental Conflict

Objective: Often, there is a person to person conflict with individuals, in the workplace. In these situations, there are challenges to overcoming these conflicts, if they are not identified, addressed, and managed effectively. The same can apply to interdepartmental conflict.
For this assignment, you are asked to create a strategy for managing interdepartmental conflict. In a minimum of five pages, create a strategy from start to finish. While you have free reign over how to approach this assignment, you will need to be specific in each area of implementation.   Discuss the strategy, in detail. Explain why you believe this strategy would be effective and explain the proper approaches toward implementation.
Be sure to support and justify your positions and conclusions with references to relevant library resources. All written assignments should follow APA   requirements.
The inclusion of your textbook and two outside references, retrieved from the   university library, is required for the completion of this

Please consider the following points for grading  :

1. The paper should be at least five pages in length and must follow APA format.

2. Identify an effective strategy for managing interdepartmental conflict

3. Discussed the strategy, in detail

4. Explained why this strategy is believed to be effective

5. Explain the proper approaches towards the implementation of this strategy

6. Identify strategies for maintaining how to handle interdepartmental conflict

7. Include a thorough conclusion, which tied in with the elements addressed in the paper

8. Use textbook + two outside sources

9. Paper meets APA guidelines to include in-text  citations, double-spacing, title page, and reference page

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