Attend a Workshop

You can go to almost any workshop or special event (ask me if you’re not sure) and provide a summary of what you learned.I will verify your attendance with the unit or person who hosted the workshop/event. In this remote environment, there are so so many great ELAC events that can help you feel connected, empowered, and informed. Here are a few examples, but you are welcome to attend others:Domestic Violence Awareness Events -flyer attachedActionsA student club presentation (doesn’t count if you are already a member of that club)National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)-flyer attachedActionsSpecial guest speaker, nationally recognized political activist and writer, Angela Davis, will have a conversation with us on11/13 11:00-1:00Actions. This event is not to be missed, it took 2 years to finally book her appearance at ELAC! You will be inspired!Mental Health workshops-flyer attachedActionsThink about what interests you and what your schedule permits. Get involved and earn extra credit!Use the following format:Name of workshop/event:Date/time:1-2 paragraph summary of what was discussed and what you learned:

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