Based narrative, 4 pages, writing homework help

Research has indicated that Readers’ Theatre is an effective tool to teach students with disabilities/exceptionalities important academic and social skills. Therefore, students will be required to create a skill-based narrative play that will address the teaching of students with disabilities. The project will involve the writing of a play that will address the teaching of an academic, social, emotional, or vocational skill. The play should be no more than 2 pages in length and must be accompanied by a lesson plan that addresses the Common Core Standards.Students will be expected to share this play with colleagues as if they were using the play to teach students with exceptionalities. Students may choose to be specific about the exceptionality or they may choose to use the play in the context of the inclusive classrooms.  of these plays will occur during the midterm period of this semester. Students should prepare copies of plays and lesson plans to share with their colleagues.

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