between world and me, History Assignment 2 help

Answer these question based on this novel, 

1. “But race is the child of racism, not the fater.” (pg. 7) Explain that sentence.

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2. Throughout the essay, there are constant references to “the Dream.” To what is he referring?

3. What did he admire most about Malcolm X?

4. What is “The Mecca” and what role did it play in his life?

5. In what ways did his view of history change?

6. What does he mean by “the privileges of being black are not always self-evident?” (pg.68)

7. What does he mean by the struggle, in and of itself has meaning.” (pg. 69)

8. He writes throughout the essay about the imperatives of the black body. “You cannot forget how much they took from us and how they transfigured our very bodies into sugar, tobacco, cotton and gold.” (pg. 71) What is the significance of the black body in history?

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