Book Analysis Paper

Book analysis needs to be over one of the books listed on this list below.

-2-2.5 pages

-double spaced

-Use APA format for reference page (work cited) and citations

-must have separate reference or work cited page

-book analysis must use concepts and terminology from the textbook to review the book (fundamentals of human resource management 8th edition; Raymond A. Noe)

-following the book review and analysis, write a brief narrative explaining the chapter from the text that relates most closely to the concepts in the textbook (list the chapter)

-create a five bulleted synopsis of your book

-include an ethical dilemma from the text that your book could be instrumental in your decision.

-This is a book analysis not a book report. Use analytical, creative and practical thinking when writing your paper.

1. Title Page: Title of book, name, date,

2. Bulleted synopsis

3. Case study/ethical dilemma

4. 2 page book analysis

5. work cited page

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