Book Discussion 2: McMillen chapters 2-3 ISBN: 978-0-19-539333-0

Book Discussion Instructions:

Each book discussion will be 150-160 words, using correct grammar and spelling.

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Make sure to use specific examples, and provide proper citation.

Limit the use of quoted material to one per post.  I am more interested in what you are able to get from the reading.  Do not use quotes of more than two lines.

Make sure that you identify the author of the book, and cite the relevant page number for quoted, paraphrased, and summarized details used.

Your post must contain a salutation (Dear Dr. Beachley), which does not count toward the word count.   You will not be able to see the discussion stream until you have made your original post. 

Please answer the following questions:

How did fashioning a better world lead to the Seneca Falls Convention, according to Sally G. McMillen?  What do you think was the most significant event, movement, or activity that led to Seneca Falls?

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