break a norman, sociology assignment help

One of the best ways to recognize the extent of a norm is to break it. In this assignment,

you must break a norm. This

breach must be done in a public forum. You will be writing an essay about your experiment, in which you must be sure to

answer all of the questions listed in this assignment.

Begin by choosing which type of norm you want to break. You may break a norm that results in a negative sanction (for

example, ridicule or exclusion). On the other hand, you may also break a norm that resul

ts in a positive sanction (extra

attention, thanks, etc.).

Is it a formal norm or an informal one?

What reactions by others do you expect?

If published, might these reactions affect your life chances?

How do you think you will feel after the reactions

Break the norm. Once you have broken the norm, note the reactions of others

What are the reactions of others?

How did the reactions affect you?

How do these reactions strengthen the norm?

What did you learn about yourself in the breaching of the


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