Budget Analysis

Tom was hired as a budget analyst at a large aviation manufacturing business. His boss has asked that he review last year’s master budget, actual results, and planned numbers, and calculate the variances for each category. The data table Tom was given follows below and the assignment is at the end of the data table.

  Actual Results Variance Static Budget
Units Sold $20,000.00   $24,000.00
Revenues $2,500,000.00   $2,880,000.00
Total Variable Costs $1,900,200.00   $2,112,000.00
Contribution Margin $599,800.00   $768,000.00
Fixed Costs $570,000.00   $552,000.00
Operating Income $29,800.00   $216,000.00

For this assignment:

  • Create a table that shows the variances for each category and for overall.
  • Then, in a 1-page Word document, summarize why there were variances.
  • Include both the calculation table and summary in the same document.
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