Q.1 What financial measurements should be prepared to measure company performance

Q2 What are the categories and steps in preparing a finan- cial budget?

 Q.3 What are the major categories and steps in preparing the projected cash activity?

Q.4 Describe the breakeven technique in the decision‐ making model to determine profit and loss.

 Q.5 Why are some customers more valuable than others? How can these differences be measured and used for decision making?

Q.6 Why is building a corporate culture to match a com- pany’s mission important?

Q.7 Select six leadership attributes that you feel are the most important when building a strong culturee. Why?

Q.8 Name three important factors that you must take into account when hiring key people.

 Q.9 Name three important factors that you must take into account when firing key people.

 Q.10 How do you treat someone who resigns from the company?

 Q.11 What are the three principles for resolving conflicts of interest and ethical problems?

Q.12 What are the five basic legal agreements needed for day‐to‐day management? What are the key features of each?

 Q.13 What is a qualified stock‐option plan, and what is its purpose?


Q.1 What are the various types of communications that an entrepreneur uses, and what are their main purposes?

 Q.2 What key points would you make in an investor’s pres- entation to the following audiences: bankers, angel investors, VC partners, suppliers, and potential key employees?

Q.3 What are the major content items in a teaser

Q.4 Name the eleven foundation slides for an investor’s presentation.

Q.5 Name five common mistakes made by entrepreneurs when making a presentation.

Q.6 Howdoesanentrepreneurhandlethesituationwhenan investor refuses to sign a confidentiality agreement?

 Q.7 How can you use short video clips to promote your business?

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