1. Please use graphs and tables to visualize your data, using the USA as a comparison number if it makes sense. You may find that your previous PEST analysis (maybe you looked at statistics that have no bearing on your product!) was not appropriate given the chosen product, so please do additional research to make sure that you are answering the appropriate questions to justify the country, product choice, strategy choice, and marketing choices in your presentation. I am looking for a professional, cohesive presentation where all the parts fit together. If you are throwing together all the parts but none of them sync together, I will take points off.

    If there are grey areas or weaknesses, please acknowledge those as well (most strategies are not perfect!) – and note how you are addressing them to the best of your ability in your marketing plan. Remember that you can go from mass-market to a very niche segment – what matters is HOW you strategize and if all those pieces come together.

    Please rehearse your presentation before recording so that it is professional and clearly communicated.

    Your presentation must cover the following content (you may reorganize it if that makes more sense for your “marketing story”), and all slide counts are minimums:

  2. Cover slide/introduce yourself
  3. Slide summarizing the key traits of your product (make sure to introduce traits that are important to your marketing plan, which will come up later in the presentation)
  4. Two slides (one per country) going over the PEST of two of your countries, where you use this information and the product overview to come to a conclusion as to which country (of the two) makes sense to market the product in. At minimum you need to discuss 10 factors that influence your choice (remember that you found 16 in total). You must visualize (chart, graph, etc.) at least 4 of those factors.
  5. Two slides where you expand on WHY this country is the right choice.
  6. Two slides where you discuss company strategy and entry choices, noting what you have chosen given the country and product combination.
  7. Two slides where you discuss marketing strategy choices, noting what you have chosen given the country and product combination.
  8. One summary slide, closing the presentation on a strong note that emphasizes the strengths of the plan you have put together.
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